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Edition ZfE – Interdisciplinary Analyses of the LEO Study 2018 published

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Buchcover der Publikation mit dem blauen Schriftzug "Interdisziplinäre Analysen zu Leo - Studie 2018 - Leben mit geringer Literalität" auf blau-orangenen Hintergrund © Springer Verlag

With "Interdisciplinary Analyses of the LEO Study 2018 – Living with Low Literacy" from the Edition ZfE, a second publication based on the data set of the LEO Study 2018 – Living with Low Literacy has been published, in which the IFS also contributed. The article "Reading Practices in Families with Low-Literacy Parents" addresses the question of how parents' literacy skills and various family structural characteristics are related to the (non)practice of family reading practices. To this end, the study analyzed the responses of more than 3,000 parents from the LEO 2018 survey regarding family reading-related practices, such as reading aloud, library visits, and assistance with classwork. Results showed that family reading-related practices varied significantly between groups with different family structural characteristics, and parents with lower literacy skills were less likely to use these practices. The association between parents' literacy competencies and these practices was only partially explained by family structural characteristics.

The other contributions address the effects of low adult literacy in the life domains of work and family, digitization, finance, health, politics, and migration and multilingualism.