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Results of Länderindikator 2021 published

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Blau-graues Icon und blau-grauer Schriftzug des Projektnamens Schule digital - der Länderindikator

The first results of the study “Schule digital - der Länderindikator 2021” (Digital School - The federal indicator) were published today, Nov. 3, 2021, together with the Deutsche Telekom Foundation, which is funding the study. The findings provide insights into the state of digitization of schools in lower secondary education in Germany and map developments in the trend since the 2017 state indicator. Progress for teaching and learning with digital media continues to be expandable. Even though digital media are used more frequently in the classroom than in 2017, teachers in the current 2021 survey are less satisfied with the IT equipment in schools. This does not seem to be able to keep pace with the changed pedagogical demands on technology. Furthermore, there is room for improvement, especially in the area of training to systematically support teachers in using digital media in a way that promotes learning and in performing digitization-related school development tasks, and this reveals clear differences between the German states.