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Schwarzer Schriftzug auf weißen Hintergrund "Students' Motivational Trajectories and Academic Sucess in Math-Intensive Study Programs: Why Short-Term Motivational Assessments Matter" © Journal of Educational Psychology

The study examined short-term changes in students’ academic motivations during their first semester in math-intensive study programs, which are often plagued by particularly high dropout rates. Our analyses revealed significant declines in students’ academic motivations in the first weeks of the semester. These motivational declines were a precursor to academic struggles at the end of the first semester at the university. Results suggest that educational interventions are needed in the very early stages of students’ college careers.


Benden, D. & Lauermann, F. (2021). Students’ motivational trajectories and academic success in math-intensive study programs: Why short-term motivational assessments matter. Journal of Educational Psychology. Advance online publication.

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