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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Team Deputy Professor Lorenz

Empirical Educational Research with a focus on Promoting Cognitive and Motivational-Affective Learning Processes

In the projects of the working group we investigate the

  • Learning processes of students with and without learning difficulties
  • Effectiveness of instructional formats and teaching methods
  • Learning processes of teachers

We are interested in cognitive and motivational processes in learning and how learners differ in these processes. A focus in some of our projects is the role of self-regulation in learning.

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Experimental and quasi-experimental intervention studies represent a large area of our research. For example, we test the effectiveness of interventions to promote cognitive and motivational learning processes. In doing so, we use technology-based possibilities to implement these interventions even better.

In most of our studies, we focus on students with individual support needs. We try to find out how their learning processes differ and how they can be effectively supported.

In our studies with teachers, we examine how teachers think about learning and what influences their classroom actions. Teachers' learning processes inform which interventions are most effective for teachers to support them in their professionalization.