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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Scientific career

Promoting young talent at the IFS

The IFS attaches great importance to the targeted support of its employees in all phases of their academic qualification. The goal of the promotion of young scientists is a comprehensive methodical and subject-related qualification of the doctoral candidates as well as postdocs. In addition to personal supervision by the professor, the training of young scientists is ensured by a structured qualification program. This program is specifically tailored to doctoral and postdoctoral students in the field of empirical educational research.

Zwei Personen bei der Arbeit am Laptop © IFS​/​TU Dortmund
Foto der Teilnehmenden bei der Posterpräsentation © IFS​/​TU Dortmund
Wissenschaftler bei einer Präsentation © IFS​/​TU Dortmund

Support formats

The events within the framework of this program take place on a regular basis during the qualification phase. By participating in the events, doctoral students earn credit points within the framework of the faculty's doctoral program. The educational content ensures a broad qualification portfolio and thus lays a solid foundation for further careers.

Event Goal Brief description Topic examples

Provision of basic qualifications for scientific work The Basiscurriculum takes place every winter semester and is designed for doctoral students in the initial phase. It introduces basic topics of scientific practice and the theory of science. "Scientific Meetings & Presentations," "Scientific Writing & Presenting," "Modules & Approaches to Interactive Teaching."
Advanced curriculum Imparting in-depth methodological knowledge The advanced curriculum is aimed at advanced doctoral students and postdocs. In the seminars, which usually take place every summer semester, in-depth methodological knowledge is imparted by internal and external experts. "Multilevel models with Mplus," "Videography in the classroom: data collection, processing, and evaluation strategies," "Longitudinal studies."
Seminar Current Findings of Empirical Educational Research Annual presentation and discussion of the content of the doctoral project During the seminar, doctoral students present the current status of their dissertation. Students, the research assistants and the professors of the IFS participate in the seminar every semester. In addition to a general discussion of the presentation, doctoral students benefit from additional feedback from a doctoral staff member selected in advance. Dissertation topics
Doctoral Conference (PromoKon) Discussion and support of the structural progress and monitoring of the dissertation project process In small groups consisting of one professor, one doctoral student and up to six doctoral students, the doctoral students present the structural status in the context of the course of their doctoral project by means of a portfolio as well as an orientation sheet and can communicate specific support needs. This event is held at the end of each semester and is attended by all doctoral students. Current status of the dissertation projects
Lecture Series Expert input and exchange on relevant and current topics in Empirical Educational Research Within the framework of the lecture series, renowned national and international scientists from the respective subject area present their current research on a weekly basis. The event takes place every summer semester. All members of the institute as well as students of the faculty participate and discuss current research findings and perspectives for empirical educational research with the experts. "Civic Literacy", "Empirical Educational Research in the Ruhr Metropolitan Region", "Schulen in herausfordernden Lagen/Schools in Challenging Circumstances".
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