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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Project duration 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015

Study on the development of all-day schools - Dortmund project group

The research team of the "Study on the Development of All-day Schools - StEG" presents the report "All-day School 2012/2013". It is the result of a nationally representative online survey of 1,300 heads of schools with all-day programmes. You can download the entire report here (in German). 

Project description

The longitudinal study "StEG-P" focused on investigating the connection between the type and quality of design elements in the all-day school operation of primary schools and the individual effect on the pupils.

Vereinfachte Darstellung eines Steges

In order to gain an insight into the support effects of all-day schools on pupils' learning in primary school, the StEG-P study examined, among other things

  •     the type of all-day learning organisation
  •     the way pupils perceive the teaching of German and science,
  •     the design of the all-day forms of provision, and
  •     pupil participation in specific forms of provision in all-day schools (both in terms of the extent and breadth of participation).

StEG-P was designed to provide insights into the multi-criterial learning effects of all-day primary schools, which different settings offer as a whole, but also individual types of all-day provision. The main focus was on the phase of transition to secondary school: the longitudinal data collection took place between the middle of grade 3 and the end of grade 4.

Eine Grafik des Projekts StEG zur Angebotsqualität und individuelle Wirkungen von Ganztagsschulen in der Primarstufe

Lead researcher at IFS

Project team

  • Janine Hannemann
  • Dr. Karin Lossen
  • Lea Spillebeen
  • Dr. Ariane S. Willems

External project partners