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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Main conference program – June 25th, 2015

1st Dortmund Symposium on Empirical Educational Research „Conditions and Effects of good Classroom Teaching“

Publication volume of the conference

Cover des Herausgeberwerks 1. Dort­mun­der Symposium der Empirischen Bil­dungs­for­schung: „Be­din­gun­gen und Effekte guten Unterrichts“ © Waxmann

An edited volume has been published for the conference, more information can be found here.



Opening of the conference

Prof. Dr. Nele McElvany (Executive Director of the IFS)

Welcoming speech

Prof. Dr. Thomas Goll (Dean of Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology)

Plenary lecture from a pedagogical-psychological perspective on the topic „Conditions and Effects of good Teaching“

Prof. Dr. Mareike Kunter (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Brief commentaries from the perspectives of educational sociology and teaching methodology

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Gräsel (University of Wuppertal)
Prof. Dr. Kornelia Möller (WWU Münster)

and plenary discussion
12:30 Lunch break and Poster exhibition by junior researchers

Hot Topic Study of the Instructional Research

Prof. Dr. Tina Seidel (TU Munich)

and plenary discussion

Topic Statements

(1) „Gender & Teaching from an International Perspective“
Prof. Dr. Ursula Kessels (Freie Universität Berlin)

(2) „Higher Education & Teaching from an International Perspective“
Prof. Dr. Holger Horz (Goethe University Frankfurt)

and plenary discussion
15:00 Coffee break



Panel discussion on the Current State of Classroom Research on the following Topics:

(1) „Conclusions for practice“
(2) „Conclusions for future research“
with Prof Dr. Andreas Frey (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena), Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ingrid Gogolin (University Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn (Goethe University Frankfurt),  Prof. Dr. Ilonca Hardy (Goethe University Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Sabine Hornberg (TU Dortmund University), Prof. Dr. Harm Kuper (Freie Universität Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Ewald Terhart (WWU Münster)

and plenary discussion