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New journal article in Unterrichtswissenschaft published

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Deckblatt der Zeitschrift Unterrichtswissenschaft, Zeitschrift für Lernforschung

The study examined whether 4th grade students’ perception of motivational support in mathematics instruction was related to intrinsic motivation and ability self-concept in math. Thereby, students’ math grade was taken into account as a motivational determinant and the feeling of competence was considered as a mediator.

The results showed that students’ perceived motivational quality in math was positively associated with both motivational variables. The effects on ability self-concept were mediated by an increased feeling of competence in class. Thus, motivational support was a significant factor for students’ motivational variables.


Lepper, C., Stang, J. & McElvany, N. (2021). Bedeutung der wahrgenommenen Motivierungsqualität für intrinsische Motivation und Selbstkonzept von Grundschulkindern [Importance of perceived motivational support for intrinsic motivation and self-concept of elementary students]. Unterrichtswissenschaft


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