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Tuesdays for Education 12.03. "School resources and priorities"

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Foto einer leeren Schulklasse mit Stühlen und Tischen ©​/​DONGSEON_KIM

The school principals surveyed for PIRLS 2021 in Germany rate school resources as rather good overall, although this depends on the economic situation of the pupil population. Greater shortages than the EU average are seen in library equipment and in the area of technology and media, among other things. Elementary school in Germany, where more than a quarter of pupils come from economically disadvantaged families, are affected to a greater extent by a shortage of school resources than schools with a proportion of up to 25 percent. The difference is particularly great when it comes to the provision of materials (e.g. paper, pens), technology and media to support learning and teaching spaces (e.g. classrooms). School principals rate teachers' expectations regarding student performance slightly lower than the EU average.

Further information can be found in the press release (German) and in the short report (German).