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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

IFS presents current research results at GEBF in Essen, Germany

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Orangenes Logo der 10. GEBF-Tagung mit dem Thema "Bildung zwischen Unsicherheit und Evidenz" © GEBF

Under the conference motto "Education between Uncertainty and Evidence" of the tenth GEBF conference, staff members from all working groups of the IFS will present their current research results in symposia and lectures. The topics are broad and range in the symposia from "Promoting Reading Literacy" to "Educational Success and Progression: Profiles and Factors", "From Conceptualization to Measurement: Instruments for Capturing Policy Knowledge and Their Application in Empirical Educational Research", to "Student Motivation and Emotion in the Higher Education Context", "Relationships Between Teachers' Competence in Promoting Self-Regulation and the Self-Regulation of Their Learners", and "Trends in National and International Large-Scale Assessment. School Education in Turbulent Times". In addition, numerous presentations by staff* round out the IFS presence at the GEBF anniversary conference.

We wish all participants an informative conference with new impulses!