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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Project duration 01.12.2022 - 31.12.2024

Diversity-related attitudes

DIVE addresses implicit and explicit attitudes towards several diversity-generating characteristics such as gender or migration background. The study’s focus is on different age cohorts, from kindergarten to adulthood. Furthermore, it investigates which central person- or environment-specific variables are related to the attitudes.


Own funds Professor McElvany

Project description

Our society is diverse. There are various diversity-generating characteristics. These include, for example, "gender", "migration background", and "religion". Thus, the main question of the project "Diversity-related attitudes" (DIVE) is how implicit, i.e. rather unconscious, and explicit, i.e. conscious, attitudes towards different diversity-generating topics are characterized.

Drei farbig geschwungene Linien in grün, blau und grau mit gleichbunten Schriftzug DIVE

The project focuses on different age cohorts. Beginning with children of kindergarten age to individuals of adult age participate in the implicit association tests (IAT) to measure implicit attitudes. Explicit attitudes are measured by questionnaire.

In addition to the manifestation of implicit and explicit attitudes, the question of which personal and environmental variables are related to the manifestation of attitudes is also investigated.

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