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DFG project AgeWell successfully launched

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Bild einer Familie mit zwei Kindern beim Spaziergang und dem Schriftzug AgeWell, sowie Logos der DFG, TU Dortmund und IFS ©​/​monkeybusinessimages

The project “The Relationship between Age and Well-Being from Adolescence to Late Adulthood: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses” (AgeWell) investigates the relationship between age and well-being from adolescence to late adulthood. Although several studies have investigated the relationship between age and well-being, there is no conclusive overall picture of the relationship between age and well-being. Previous empirical studies have used various measures of well-being in diverse samples. However, the results to date have been inconsistent. Furthermore, research has mainly focused on adults and largely ignored adolescents. To close the existing research gap, the AgeWell project will include the adolescence period and carry out a systematic review in the disciplines of education, sociology, economics, psychology and health sciences. In addition, a meta-analysis will be carried out to systematically examine which sources contribute to the different results. It will provide a new multidimensional and interdisciplinary perspective on the relationship between age and well-being.

Further information can be found on the project website.